At LIACS, we have a strong focus on education in a research environment. This means, specifically, that the natural computing focus is well represented in education, and master students can specialize deeply in natural computing, with a strong foundation by our bachelor. Courses taught at LIACS which are related to this field include the following:

Bachelor courses ECTS
Artificial Intelligence 6
Data Mining 4
Natural Computing 6


Master courses ECTS
Evolutionary Algorithms 6
Neural Networks 6
Multi-Objective Optimization and Decision Making 6
Computer Simulation and Applications in Life Sciences 6
Optimization with Applications in Bioinformatics 6
Seminar: Particle Swarm Computation 6

* 1 ECTS corresponds to 28 hours of work

With those courses, a deep specialization in Natural Computing and Artificial Intelligence is possible – an offer to students which is unique throughout The Netherlands.

In addition, based on his industrial experience, Prof. Bäck is also teaching the course

within the ICT in Business Master. This allows students to benefit directly from his experience in managing large software development projects.