The natural computing group collaborates with a wide range of industrial and academic partners. If you are interested in collaborating or in learning more about what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Tata Steel


“The world of Tata Steel is one without boundaries – growing, changing and challenging every day. A world that embraces different skills, continuous innovation, financial investment, responsible use of natural resources. And above all, there is the enduring commitment of giving back to society that helps make the vision of sustainable growth a reality.”


BlueRidge Analytics, Inc., Charlotte, NC.

sideops“World-leading scientific expertise combined with excellent skills in software and product development, plus a true understanding of the needs of commercial and industrial customers: Collaborating with Prof. Bäck and his team is truly a pleasure, and I warmly recommend this team to anyone interested in solving tough problems in predictive analytics and optimization.”

Mike Detwiler, CEO.


BMW Group


“As the leading expert in the application of evolutionary strategies and meta-models to hard industrial optimization problems, Prof. Bäck has

always delivered highest quality results for BMW. We truly appreciate our collaboration and warmly recommend a collaboration with Prof. Bäck to any industrial partner who is in the need of solving tough optimization, modeling, and prediction problems.”

Markus Ganser, Manager Standardisation, Construction, Innovation, BMW Group


Honda Research Institute Europe

hondaresearch“Besides researching and developing the most suitable individual software components, successful multi-disciplinary optimization in an industrial context requires a system level analysis of the problem including issues of workflow, interoperability and resource sharing. Professor B�ck is world-wide one of the leading researchers in computational intelligence and his contributions to the development of new algorithms and methods cannot be overestimated. However, from our perspective, it is his unique analytical ability to amalgamate systems engineering with computational intelligence which makes him such a valuable partner for our institute.”

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff, Chief Technology Officer, Honda Research Institute



CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica)

CWIProf. Manegold:

Colorado State University

Prof. Whitley:


University of Birmingham

Prof. Xin Yao:


Leiden / Amsterdam Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)


Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC)

LUMCDivision of Image Processing


PHARMA-IT Platform


Princeton University

Department of Chemistry


Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

RUNInstitute for Computing and Information Science


TU Dortmund

tudortmundAlgorithm Engineering


TU Eindhoven

Building Performance Group